This modern bouquet style is trendy and can be paired with many dress styles.  The oblong shape is approximately 12 inches deep and 24 inches across.  The hanging foliage gives it a loose, garden look.

$125 to $165

Bridal Bouquet


This larger, round bouquet has very little foliage creating  a luxurious look.  The size ranges from 12 to 16 inches around.

$175 to $215

Bridal Bouquet


 This 10 to 12 inch round bouquet is perfect as a modest bride bouquet or a larger maid bouquet.

$95 to $125

Bride or Maid


This high impact design is best paired with longer gowns in more formal settings.  The size averages 12 inches across and 20 inches long but will be custom fit to the Bride's height and preferences.

$245 to $275

Cascade Bouquet


Maid bouquets are created to complement the Bride's bouquet and the Maid dresses.  Size varies from 7 to 10 inches across.

$65 to $85

Maid Bouquet


I'll embellish the fur muffs you provide to create a unique Alaskan winter wedding look.  The flowers are created to pin on and can be removed after the wedding.   

$45 to $115

Fur Muff Flowers

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