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Certified Floral Designer with the American Institute of Floral Designers
Pronouns She/Her/Hers

Working with fresh flowers is such a joy!  

I've been creating with flowers professionally since 1998.  After many years working in local flower shops, I'm thrilled to be creating in my home studio now. 


 My Alaskan cutting garden is a constant source of creativity.  Also, taking advanced floral classes is my favorite hobby because I enjoy learning new techniques and the latest flower trends. 

In 2022, I tested with the American Institute of Floral Design and gained my CFD, Certified Floral Design designation along with an invitation to be inducted into AIFD in 2023, the American Institute of Floral Design.  The hands on test is a difficult, timed design test with floral artists from around the world.  

Floral Design is not just my career, it's an art form I am constantly striving to improve at.



Have you heard of the grassroots “Field to Vase Movement”?  This is a floral industry movement not unlike the Field to Table Movement that brought more locally grown food into restaurants nationwide.  I’m a member of the Slow Flowers community and have committed to purchasing locally and American grown flowers whenever possible.  Also, my small cutting garden provides vines and unusual blooms that give bouquets that loose, garden look that is really trendy right now.  The flowers below are all from my 2019 garden.

IMG_5286 (1).jpg
IMG_6966 (1)_edited.jpg
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