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Super Cute Puppy Attack during Video

We have an adorable puppy named Arlo in our lives. He is our son Liam and his Fiancé Danika's puppy and I just adore him!

I get to babysit Arlo a few times a month and always really enjoy our time together. Yesterday I agreed to puppysit despite having a Bridal Bouquet to make- I just couldn't resist!

Arlo did great while I worked on the bouquet. He kept busy with a kong and other toys. After finishing, I began to shoot my wrap up video for social media. Arlo is super curious and apparently really needed to see how the boutonnière tasted!

He only managed the tiniest little nibble on the lowest hyacinth bloom which I easily changed out. What a funny moment- so glad I caught it on video!

Arlo did so well, I was able to make the design video I was planning. You can hear him in the background; his leash and the noises he made while enjoying his stuffed kong.

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