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Real Weddings! Elizabeth & Mark's Fern Filled Destination Wedding

Updated: May 1, 2023

Elizabeth asked for a fern filled cascade bouquet to compliment her outdoor beach wedding in Seward, Alaska.

Lisianthus and Ranunculus with Roses

Here are the inspiration photos she provided;

And here she is with her cascade!

First, at my home studio, we checked it for size in front of the mirror and made a small adjustment. Then this fun photo she shared with me of her Dad walking her down the aisle.

Elizabeth requested light weight arbor flowers that her family could add to this hexagon for the ceremony. What a stunning early spring wedding backdrop at Miller's Landing! Because they were all driving from Anchorage to Seward, Elizabeth needed to pick up the flowers a day early. I was happy to hear that all the flowers held up beautifully.

Elizabeth also requested cake flowers and ferns that somebody added the day of the wedding.

Below, all the special men had Boutonnieres.

Close up of the back of the cascade and a Mom's corsage.

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Stephanie Cooper
Stephanie Cooper

Stunning! I love her choice to use ferns!

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