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Emma & Marshall’s Wedding

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Just got home from an amazing wedding dreamed up, planned and beautifully executed by my good friend Lisa Lee and her new daughter Emma. These ladies really designed one the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen!

The wedding was in a large, modern church in the small town of Newburg, Oregon.

Lisa and I worked together from Tuesday to Friday creating all the arrangements. There was a ton to do, but it was fun to spend time visiting as we designed just like years back when we worked at Bagoy's Florist together.

We set everything up Friday afternoon and added finishing touches on Saturday morning.

One of my favorite aspects of the wedding was the sheer number of people it took to pull it off and how everyone worked together problem solving and collaborating.

After the ceremony all of the flowers from the sanctuary were moved to the reception hall. Wow! That was a stunning display. The arbor flowers adorned the large head table and the aisle and stage flowers were spread throughout the room on their gold stands. It was super beautiful!

Here is a link to a closeup video of the arbor on YouTube;

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