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Do you get to keep your wedding vases?

My answer is - yes! My thoughts- your bridal bouquet is expensive and beautiful- the vase had better be included. Because we went over all the details about color palette, flowers and size, your bouquet should be your favorite decor at your wedding.

At Wild Blossom Design, the vase is part of the cost of the flowers and an important way to transport all of your bouquets to carry. Please keep the vase handy and use it as a stand for your flowers throughout the wedding day. If you lay your bouquet down on it's side, the flowers will become bruised and start to brown prematurely. When kept in the vase when not being used, your bouquet should be beautiful for you to enjoy for many more days.

After the formal photos and the ceremony are over, the vase is also the best way to display the bouquets all evening long at the reception. Your bouquets should be displayed in the vase, in front of the Newlyweds at the sweetheart table and at each Maid's dinner setting too. Another idea, the maids should consider the bouquet a small gift to be taken home, with the vase, and enjoyed in the days to come.

What about the vases the dinner table flowers were designed in? These flowers make great gifts for your guests to take home. But if you want to save money for these arrangements, by all means, rent them and give them back the next week.

Sometimes, it's not convenient for guests to take vases home. Maybe everyone has popped into town for the event and will be leaving the next day. In this case, I'll be happy to pick up the vases and reuse them in another wedding. I'm all about reuse/ recycle! But keep your flowers fresh first, then reuse/ recycle. =)

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