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Your Color Pallet

Floral Ring

Floral rings are a fun alternative to wrist corsages.  Really nice for Aunties and Cousins.


For the Fashionistas

Flower Earings

Floral earrings are a small but fun addition to any party outfit!


Elegant Accents

Flower Hair Combs

Floral combs adorn the top of a cascading veil that trails down behind the bride.  

Flower Neclace

Dramatic Addition

Floral Necklace

Floral necklaces can be created with your choice of metal finish and blooms.

Hair Flowers

Scatter throughout your updo!

Hair Flowers

An alternative to the floral crown; these blooms are a light addition to any upswept hair style.


 Fun Alternative

Custom Made

Hand made wristlets, necklaces, arm bands and more!

Flower Crown

For That Boho Look

Flower Crown

A wedding favorite!


An upcoming trend


A fantastic choice for Moms and Grandmothers.

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